Let's see. Funny stuff, animal gifs, cute things, vidya games, and unskilled doodles.
I also make plooshies and cosplays sometimes, but don't hold your breath, sweet cheeks.

& I love love love cats~!

Oh, and I think country music is pretty cool too, ehheheh. c:


It’s a cat day. = ̄ω ̄=

I took advantage of today’s cooler-than-usual weather and wore a jacket today. ● 3●

My outfit for today. (*¯︶¯*)

I didn’t have any homework to do today, but I did have some scrap material.
So I made a typhlosion beanie.

That was a great finale.

CUTE, turn on the sound, you’ll be glad you did

Hey, you're cute. >///<' THEME